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12 Tips on Keeping Your Office Space Organized So You Can Get More Done

office-3 In a small office, space is everything. There’s a lot of things you might need to keep on hand to help you be successful and productive, but with limited storage space, this can be tricky. Well, there are lots of tricks and tips you can use to help maximize any space, no matter the size by looking at DIY storage and organization methods that will save you space and money. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “crafty” person, these DIY storage and organization tips can definitely work for you too!


1. Muffin Storage Tins for Organizing Odds and Ends

Muffin tins make great organizers for inside drawers, on shelves, and almost anywhere. They are space-savers, and help you to keep the odds and ends tucked away so you don’t lose track of anything important.

2. Kitchen Wire Racks for Lightweight Shelves

On the subject of kitchen staples for use in the office, kitchen wire racks make great, lightweight, portable shelving option that you can tuck away and move around. Don’t knock it till you try it.

3. Magnet Board for Posting

This one is expected, but instead of losing track of import documents, post them to the magnet board instead. You can also display meeting times, important notes, pictures, or anything else you’d like to put up on the wall.

4. Using Storage Baskets on Shelves in Place of Pull-out Drawers

On shelves, you can use collapsible fabric storage baskets to help you maximize storage space.

5. Mason Jars for Stationery and Writing Utensils

Mason jars seem to be the DIY staple these days, but they really are great for multi-purpose use. You can use them individually or you can hot glue them together for compartmental storage.

6. Magazine Holders for Extra Shelf Space

Repurposed wooden magazine holders by attaching them to the underside of a shelf, providing extra storage space for papers and files.

7. Washi Tape for Labeling Cords

Washi tape comes in handy for those of us who can’t tell our cords and cables apart from each other. Wrapping some washi tape around each cord and labeling it accordingly with a permanent marker can save you time and a headache.

8. Binder Clips for Detangling Cords

Binder clips are even more useful when they keep your wires and cords separate from each other. Attach the binder clips to the edge of your desk, then pull a cord through each clip that you want to keep separate.

9. Hooks for Controlling Wires and Cords

Since we’re all about organizing our tech, you can attach a small hook to the underside of your desk and hook chords, cables, and wires or it to support them, keeping them off the ground and providing you with more space.

10. Crates for Stackable Shelving

This one is great for anyone who likes to stay environmentally conscious. Reuse wooden crates as individual shelving units and stack them however you wish. You can rearrange them freely, or you can attach them together with extra strength wood glue.

11. Peg Boards for Hanging Storage

Peg boards will keep things like tape and scissors off your desk for good. Just attach the board up on the wall and hang lighter items on them with ease.

12. Don’t Underestimate the Use of a Good Binder

You can never go wrong with a few good binders. They can keep your papers and notes organized and they stack easily.

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