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5 Ways to Keep Your Office Space Clean and Healthy

office-md How messy is your desk right now? Be honest. At work, we tend to be bogged down by every little thing we have to get done, that we feel we don’t have time to eat lunch away from our desks, have a break, or keep our office space clean. But, what if I told you that keeping a cleaner workspace would actually save you more time than you spend cleaning it up? It’s true. You can easily keep much more productive in a clean and organized space over a messy one. Not to mention that cleaner means fewer germs, which also means staying healthier and putting your sick days to better use.

There are lots of strategies you can use to help keep your office both clean and healthy. Every little bit helps, keeping in mind that cleaner = more productive.

1. Declutter your space

Do you really need three tissue boxes on your desk? Or how about all of those secret Santa office gifts that you never use and just sit there getting in your way? You probably don’t need a lot of what lies around your desk and office space. You can accumulate a lot of junk in the office over time, and it may be time to do some spring cleaning at the office. You can take it home, store it away, or when in doubt, throw it out.

2. Scan papers you don’t need physically on file

You know all those second and third copies of documents you don’t really need on hand? The ones that are stacked up on top, under, and around your desk? If you do, you may want to start scanning those papers to digitally store them, that way you can get rid of the physical documents, but still keep the information readily available if you ever need them.

3. Sanitizer has never been handier

It’s not just about keeping things tidy, you have to keep things clean too. Things like disinfectant wipes and screen cleaner should be staples in your office. Not only will you have a cleaner work environment, but you’ll be healthier too. Keeping your electronics clean is also important when fighting the spread of bacteria, especially during flu and cold season.

4. Have a place for everything

There are so many options for desk organizers that save you space and keep your space clean. From tuck-away under-the-desk drawers to plain old file cabinets, there are endless options for devices that will help you manage your space. You can even label drawers and containers to better aid in ensuring everything has a place and returns to it after use.

5. Keep up with the clean

One and done is not how is works when it comes to cleaning. You can’t clean your workspace once and expect it to stay clean. You have to clean as you go. Don’t let trash and stacks of papers or files pile up, throw away trash and sort documents as you receive them instead. Also, it’s very helpful to designate one day a week to clean up, in case you fall behind and need to catch up.

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