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7 Ways to Keep Your Office Cool This Summer

cool-office The Farmers Almanac is claiming that next summer will lead to record setting heat across the world so we should prepare now for the summer months to prevent being caught unawares. Electricity can be quite expensive if you are running the air conditioning on the hottest days so how can you prevent excessive bills?

#1: Thermal Backed Curtains

There are various stages of these curtains varying in price and thickness. Personally, I bought mine from Target for about seventy dollars per set. These curtains prevent the sun’s rays from beating down into your house during the summer and prevent cold air from entering during the winter months. Keep your curtains closed during the hours of the day when the sun is directly shining into your office windows to keep your office cooler.

#2: Install a Fan

Ceiling fans installed in your office will circulate air to prevent your space from becoming stuffy and stifling hot. Most ceiling fans have an option to reverse the airflow in the winter time to help keep your office warmer, too.

#3: Turn off electronics

Electronic devices that are on and running constantly will usually generate a lot of heat, especially in the summer months when your space is already warmer than usual. So, turn the electronics off when you are not using them. Printers, desktop computers, and servers will generate the most heat so those should be looked at first.

#4: Change the way you dress

This will not decrease the temperature in your office but it will help the way you respond to the environment. Choose clothing that is light and breathes easily in light colors that reflect the sun’s light rather than absorbing it. Wear suits or dresses that are single layer and not lined because extra layers will trap your body heat. If you can, avoid wearing a tie and suit jacket because this decreases the layers that you are wearing.

#5: Avoid heavy meals

We learned a little fun fact recently that your body warms up in order to break down your food so if you are eating heavy meals during the day then you will be warmer than the woman that is eating a light salad in the cubicle next to yours because your body needs to metabolically break down your heavier meal for a longer period of time which results in your body becoming warmer.

#6: Increase hydration

Drinking cold water will decrease your core temperature and will prevent headaches during the warmer months. When the weather is hot, we naturally sweat more and dehydration will cause the body to warm up exponentially.

#7: Use Ice!

My friend uses a fan with a bowl in front of it with ice in it. The ice is cold but as it melts the air from the fan pushes it out into the air and cools the air down. This is a makeshift air conditioning unit I think.

Another way that you can use ice is to wear ice packs around your wrists or place one on the back of your neck. This will, also, help cool your core temperature.

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