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7 Ways to Organize Your Office That Lead to an Increase in Productivity

productivity Clutter in your work space will have an affect on the amount of work you are able to get done and the quality of your work because it is distracting. Having an organized work space will help to keep you mentally aligned as well and get you in the right mindset to get your work done. How can you get organized?

#1: Have zones in your workspace

Create two separate workspaces in your environment. Have one designated for your computer work and one for non-computer work. This can be done on one desk or you can have a desk for each work zone (depending upon how much office space you have available).

#2: Get the cables under control

Having cables crawling all over your desk and getting tangled together prevents you from getting work done because you are constantly trying to untangle cords or move them out of your way. There are many solutions available to do it yourself or you can purchase a product that will organize your cords for you.

#3: Daily clean up

Before leaving your office for the day, clear your desk of clutter and sort through the important documents from the day. File away what needs to be filed and throw away what you don’t need.

#4: Have designated spots for all materials

Everything on your desk should have a home on your desk or in a drawer. This helps you to find items easily when you need them and prevents materials from being in your way while you work.

#5: Add shelving

Use your vertical space if you have it to add shelving to keep items that you don’t use often out of the way. Keep files organized and accessible by putting them in boxes and on shelves where you can get to them.

#6: Increase your workspace

If you truly have more files or office items than you have space for then you may actually need to expand the amount of space that you have to work in.

#7: Get rid of personal effects

Having one or two family pictures on your desk is understandable but keeping an entire collection of snow globes across your desk is not using your space effectively. This decreases the amount of space you have available for working and you risk constantly knocking things off of your desk. Remove anything that you just don’t need to have there. If you really need office decoration then create a shelf for your decorations and keep them on the shelf. This will allow you to maximize your space and decrease the distractions.

Keeping your office organized is imperative to keeping your productivity level high because a cluttered workspace creates distractions and makes it hard for you to be able to find the work materials that you need. It takes time to get organized initially but it is definitely worth the time.

What do you use to stay organized? We would love for you to share with us!

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