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Recycling can improve workplace productivity and save  your company money!

Food scraps in office bins can cause offensive odours causing to discomfort to your Employees and Clients, as mentioned in previous blogs limiting eating at the desk will help with the spread of germs and will create a working environment free from offensive odours

Employees will find it hard to concentrate which will result in a lack of productivity, food scraps can also harbour bacteria which causes illness and days off work!

Clients will feel uncomfortable, form a negative experience of your business due to offensive smells and will be unlikely to return

Here is some tips that will help you recycle and save your company money:

  • Reuse scrap paper as notepaper
  • Only print items when absolutely necessary and use double sided printing
  • Items such as mobile phones, printer cartridges and other electronic waste can be recycled at select retailers
  • Printer Cartridges: Participating brands can be recycled via the ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ recycling boxes in participating Australia Post, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, and Dick Smith Electronics stores.
  • Buy in bulk – by choosing products with less packaging you can help reduce waste
  • Make sure recyclable items are not heavily contaminated with food, liquids or hazardous materials

Fold cardboard boxes down flat to fit more in your bin (Note Waxed Cardboard is not recyclable)

Hand Hygiene Tips

According to recent studies by the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), correct hand washing procedures is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of gems that cause infections and illness.

Here is 4 thing to practice in the workplace to maintain a healthier working ,so spread the word not the germs:


  1. Know when to wash! It is still important to regularly wash your hands, it is even more important to wash after certain activities such as using the rest room, before and after food preparation and in between prepping stages, touching animals, touch your face including blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

It is also recommended that you wash your hands after coming into contact with frequently used items such as door knobs and light switches


  1. Use soap! By law all Australian soap products must contain anti bacterials and washing hands with saop and warm water is the best and most effective way to reduce the the spread of Bacteria and Gems on the hands.

Make sure you include the areas between the fingers and half way up your forearm, creating a lather for about 15 – 30 seconds – sing your favourite songs chorus to pass the time.


  1. Dry Hands, Bacteria and germs thrive in moist and warm environments, drying your hands while help prevent the spread and the growth of germs and bacteria.


  1. Use paper towel! Studies have shown that paper towel can in fact remove bacteria and reduce their numbers

Recent studies have shown that air-dryers actually spread bacteria and contaminate the other rest room users and can blow bacteria around the room up to six feet from the device.


Even if employees practice the correct hand hygiene it is still imperative that your professional cleaning company is disinfecting  rest rooms, high traffic surfaces and work spaces. Because viruses and bacteria are known to remain on hard surfaces for up to 18 hours, so make sure your cleaning company is using disinfectants to remove and kill pathogens.

Office Cleaning is Important!


A clean office is a Safe, Productive and Happy office!

Keeping your offices clean is important, it keeps your business dealing above board, organised, your employees happy and most importantly leaves a good impression on your clients.

Footprint services provide all your Office Cleaning needs, we have put together some facts and tips to help you choose the right Commercial Cleaning Company with you Office Cleaning Needs.


Research suggests that:

• 71% of workers believe that their dirty work environments made them sick
• 82% of people believe they would be more productive in a clean working environment
• Disinfecting your desk can help prevent illness, some desks can have up to 445 different bacteria
• 60% of illness is due to dirty work surfaces including the office desk


Is your office clean? Cleaning is Important!

If you have a high number of absentees due to illness -this can be for two reasons:

1) Poor Workplace Culture and/or

2) Poor Workplace cleanliness/Hygiene.

An obvious solution is to employ professional and reputably Commercial Cleaning Company that will maintain a high level of office cleanliness and Hygiene. Remember your office might look tidy but is it Hygienic?

You can also help by:

• A clear desk Policy – meaning that non related work material needs to be cleared from their desk (Photo frames, sentimental trinkets should be ok – within reason)

• Keep files in a place where they are easily accessibly so there is no reason to have files on the desk that aren’t needed immediately.

• Limit or stop employees eating at their desk. Eating at the desk can be a major source of bacteria, food carries bacteria that might not be harmful on digestion but can find its way on to the key board, onto stationary and drawer handles.

• Promote restroom and personal Hygiene – washing hands

But it’s not all bad news, Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaner today for your office cleaning requirements!

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Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

If you have had employees resign after a few months or haven’t lived up to expectation lately that they displayed when you hired them, the reason could be that your workplace is not as positive as it could be.


Workplace Culture –

Your workplace culture can be the assumption shared by the workforce about what behaviors can be expected in the workplace and accepted by team members and management.

These beliefs can be reinforced by stories about behavior previously, how employees communicate with each other and management, the way they are taught and by whom.

The 12 tips to take into account are:

1. People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results!

2. Goals! Goal setting for your employees and your self is extremely important

3. Praise! – Employers often don’t praise their employees, Thanks for doing your Job isn’t praise!

4. Positive reinforcement will always work better than negative reinforcement – both verbally and written, threatening an employee with a written warning if they don’t achieve a certain target is not positive reinforcement, it can cause resentment and animosity.

5. Help your employees reach their full potential – Catch them doing something right and praise them for it!

6. From time to time reprimands are necessary and needs to be a specific order – Praise/Reprimand/Praise.
• 1st Praise them for something that they did right!
• 2nd tell them what they did wrong (don’t reprimand the person directly but talk about their behavior instead and how they made you feel)
• 3rd praise them again (you’re a good employee john and I know you will get this right next time)

7. The best time you spent, is the time you invest in people. Get to know your employees, remember their names and a few details about them, show them your care about them!

8. Everyone is a potential Winner, some are disguised as losers, Don’t let their appearances fool you!
• Don’t “give up” on employees that are under achieving, pay attention to them, instruct them, teach them, find out what is stopping them from achieving results – Gone are the days when you can say “leave your problems at home”

9. Review your employees goals and your own goals on a regular basis, if you help your employees achieve their goals, they will help you achieve yours!

10. Share with your employees – share your success and share your failures! Grow together!

11. Promote, loyalty (be loyal to your employees-lead by example), make work enjoyable, set boundaries – work time is work time, down time is down time they never mix!

12. It’s time to get stuck in – Get stuck in with them!

Need help keeping your offices clean?

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Making That First Impression Count!

Clients will often judge the way you do business by the cleanliness of your work spaces, so it is imperative that your office is clean and tidy outside and inside.

Your employees are also affected by the cleanliness of their working environment the saying “Tidy desk, Tidy mind” hold true here and will create a more productive and organised team environment


Making a Good First Impression

It takes about 12 seconds for people to form lasting opinions. If your place of business is poorly maintained you are running the risk of turning away prospective clients, potential new employees and commercial opportunities.

Clients will often be asked to what in the reception area, so it ideal to make them as comfortable as possible, offensive smells, mould, cobwebs carpet stains, dirty furniture just to name a few can be often overlooked by employees because “they are use to it”

It is important to hire a Commercial Cleaning Service that takes pride in their work, have attention to detail, guarantee the their work and onsite team leaders so that minor details are not overlooked.

Establish an Enticing Entrance way

The exterior of your establishment is equally important, sidewalks widows, entrance doors and signage can be often overlooked, these are the very first impression that a potential client will notice.

A dirty and unsightly entrance can often turn people away before they have even entered your office no matter how clean, tidy and professional your business is not getting potential clients through the door can make a huge impact on revenue.


Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service that provides a maintenance service is definitely important as broken locks, doors, tiles and equipment can not only put you at risk of liability claims, it can compromise the security of your premises, the effectiveness of your staff and can impact the way you as a business is viewed by your clients.

Wash areas and Toilets

Wash areas and toilets are surprisingly overlooked, a wash area and toilet that is well-stocked, clean and free of odours will be appreciated by your employees and clients, hygiene is extremely important and says a lot about your business and employees. Let’s face it most people don’t like public toilets because they are often dirty, they smell and under stocked!

Need help keeping your offices clean?

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Call NOW on 1300988609 for a no-obligation 2 week FREE Commercial Clean – and we promise to clean 10x Better than your current cleaning company or we will give you $500 for wasting your time!

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