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Building a Positive Workplace Culture

TeamBuilding a Positive Workplace Culture

If you have had employees resign after a few months or haven’t lived up to expectation lately that they displayed when you hired them, the reason could be that your workplace is not as positive as it could be.


Workplace Culture –

Your workplace culture can be the assumption shared by the workforce about what behaviors can be expected in the workplace and accepted by team members and management.

These beliefs can be reinforced by stories about behavior previously, how employees communicate with each other and management, the way they are taught and by whom.

The 12 tips to take into account are:

1. People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results!

2. Goals! Goal setting for your employees and your self is extremely important

3. Praise! – Employers often don’t praise their employees, Thanks for doing your Job isn’t praise!

4. Positive reinforcement will always work better than negative reinforcement – both verbally and written, threatening an employee with a written warning if they don’t achieve a certain target is not positive reinforcement, it can cause resentment and animosity.

5. Help your employees reach their full potential – Catch them doing something right and praise them for it!

6. From time to time reprimands are necessary and needs to be a specific order – Praise/Reprimand/Praise.
• 1st Praise them for something that they did right!
• 2nd tell them what they did wrong (don’t reprimand the person directly but talk about their behavior instead and how they made you feel)
• 3rd praise them again (you’re a good employee john and I know you will get this right next time)

7. The best time you spent, is the time you invest in people. Get to know your employees, remember their names and a few details about them, show them your care about them!

8. Everyone is a potential Winner, some are disguised as losers, Don’t let their appearances fool you!
• Don’t “give up” on employees that are under achieving, pay attention to them, instruct them, teach them, find out what is stopping them from achieving results – Gone are the days when you can say “leave your problems at home”

9. Review your employees goals and your own goals on a regular basis, if you help your employees achieve their goals, they will help you achieve yours!

10. Share with your employees – share your success and share your failures! Grow together!

11. Promote, loyalty (be loyal to your employees-lead by example), make work enjoyable, set boundaries – work time is work time, down time is down time they never mix!

12. It’s time to get stuck in – Get stuck in with them!

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