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How clean is your car?

Newcastle’s Commercial Cleaning specialists tips to wash your car!

Footprint Services are Newcastle’s Commercial Cleaning specialists servicing the Hunter Region including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland!

We service a verity of clients through the Hunter valley, Maitland and Newcastle region! Companies that often need to transport clients such as Real Estate companies need to have the car as clean as the offices we clean! Here are some tips on how to get your car clean and smelling fresh!

First you will need:

      • A 5l bucket
      • A sponge
      • Car soap (baby shampoo has proven to be very effective as well)
      • Rubbing alcohol
      • Soft cloths (Chuxx)
      • Shammy
      • Vinegar
      • Eucalyptus oil
      • Newspaper
      • Baby oil or Armorall
      • Baking soda
      • Coffee beans
      • 2 x toothbrush (soft and firm)
      • Vacuum



Before you start sprinkle the interior (carpets, boot and seats) with  bi-carbonate soda

      1. Rinse your car with water on a medium to strong spray in order to get rid of loose dirt and grime. This is important to help prevent scratches when applying soap!
      2. Add one cup of baking soda and half cup of soap with warm to hot water (cool enough not to burn your hands)
      3. Scrub down your car using a sponge, you can get into the hard to reach places using a soft toothbrush, however be careful not to scratch your paint work.
      4. Using rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth to remove tar or baby oil to remove tree sap
      5. Clean wheels last as they are likely to have the most grime that could potentially scratch the paint, use a firm toothbrush to clean in those hard the reach places.
      6. If you have “mag” wheels you can use vinegar and a soft cloth to give them that “mag” wheel shine!
      7. Rinse down the car making sure you remove all the soap as it can cause residue.
      8. Dry down car with a dry cloth or Shammy
      9. Use vinegar in an atomizer to clean windows and mirrors, using scrunched up newspaper to remove grime and build up
      10. Wipe down windscreen wipers using a cloth and vinegar


Important! Some interior surfaces can be sensitive, especially leather, before using chemicals on these areas, test the chemical on a small area out of site just to make sure the dye doesn’t run or fade.

      1. Thoroughly vacuum the interior of the car (don’t forget the boot!) you can use Eucalyptus oil to remove stains on car seats, rub with oil and let sit for 10mins and rub again with warm water, and dry using dry cloth or hair dryer
      2. Vacuum out the ashtray and put in coffee beans (Coffee beans are a natural deodoriser) you can also use bi-carbonate soda if you don’t like the smell of coffee!
      3. Wipe down the interior with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt (again you can use rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth to remove tar or baby oil to remove tree sap)
      4. Dry down surfaces and wipe surfaces with baby oil or Amorall, apply with soft cloth, be careful when applying to steering wheel and gear stick as the surface may become slippery!
      5. Use vinegar in an atomizer to clean windows and mirrors, using scrunched up newspaper to remove grime and build up


      • Cleaning the widows with soap, warm water and a sponge help prevent fogging
      • Try putting coffee beans or bi-carbonate soda in a stocking and tire off at one end, making little parcels the size of a golf ball and place in to the glove box, car seat pockets, and anywhere else you can think of where they will be out of site and not in the way, this will help keep your car smelling fresh!

Thanks for reading our blogs, we hope you find them useful.

Footprint services love cleaning and happy to help your business with all it Commercial Cleaning needs call us on 1800 988 609 or contact us at to obtain a no obligation quote backed by our 5 powerful guarantees!

Stay At Home Dads

The “Leave It To Beaver” stereotype of a pearl-wearing, vacuuming wife and a bread-winning husband days are coming to an end!

Stay at home Dads are on the rise. Recent Australian studies reveal that the number of Australian stay-at-home dads has almost doubled over the past decade, from 58,800 to 107,600  and it is predicted that numbers will only rise with the shift from maternity leave to parental leave.

Aussie dads are a diverse bunch, from workaholics to stay at home Dads.  Twenty percent of Australia’s population is made up of dads.  There are approximately 4.7 million dads in Australia, with an estimated 2.2 million dads currently with children aged under eighteen and the average age of a new father is now thirty-three years of age.

There are about 1.8 million fathers living with their children, aged fifteen years and under. Almost all ninety-seven percent of these fathers were in couple families, with the remaining three percent
(or 58,000) being single fathers.

Traditionally men are the main income provider or breadwinner in the family and women are traditionally primarily responsible for the domestic and caring roles. With the increase in women’s participation in the labour force, many mothers have less time available to undertake domestic chores. At the same time there has been an increasing recognition that the father’s role and his relationship with a child is important.

A mother’s absence in the home leaves a gaping impact on her children’s development, right?

No! Children are very good at adjusting and having dad at home instead of mum will become just normal.

Stay at home Dads often perform duties which involves school lunches, homework, all pick-ups and drop-offs and after-school activities, housework, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, house and car maintenance.

Figures show that in Australia there are approximately 144,000 stay at home dads with dependent children. This means that of the 4.4 million dependent children in couple families where one parent is employed full time, three percent have a mother who is employed outside of the household, while the father is either not employed or works from home.

Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Make the most out of the transfer when Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company!

Do you you feel as though your Commercial Cleaning Company isn’t right for you? Consider Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company!

The standards upheld by any Commercial Cleaning staff member are ultimately decided by the Commercial Cleaning Company – as long as an individual cleaner meets the expectations set by the head of their Commercial Cleaning Company, you don’t have a lot of control over raising the standards.


Whenever you consider changing your Commercial Cleaning Company, focus on evaluating their ability to manage the motivation, training and intentions of the Commercial Cleaners they’ll be providing to you.

  • Do you think they demonstrate effective management procedures?
  • Do they have a track record of evaluating performance and taking steps to raise performance benchmarks?

Signs that your new Commercial Cleaning Company is committed to excellence might include:

  • A review of the Commercial Cleaning Company tasks you require and whether you have had specific areas of difficulty / grievance with cleaners through your last Commercial Cleaning Company.
  • An introductory consultation to introduce new Commercial Cleaning staff to their newest employer/service buyer
  • A documented selection and recruitment policy – so you know any new staff hired after your contract is signed will continue the same level of quality work and commitment.
  • Ensure that the hiring process involves a thorough application, police check and references even when the positions are not advertised publicly.
  • A clear job profile has been drawn up for the task(s) of cleaning your premises – detailing what tasks are expected from the new Commercial Cleaning Company, and that they will be expected to re-clean any areas that have been deemed as not up to standard by you – the service buyer – as well as by their supervisor or employer.
  • A process for ensuring new and existing employees are aware of Workplace Health and Safety standards, both in general and as applied to your workplace specifically
  • During a consultation or quote, as well as outlining whatever you’d like to see improve after you transfer Commercial Cleaning Companies, ask the prospective Commercial Cleaning Company if they have any recommendations for how you could improve efficiency of the operation.

In summary, when you consider changing your cleaning provider, this is the best chance you have to make sure that the new Commercial Cleaning Company chosen by you will invest their time, energy and management skills in the Commercial Cleaners that will be servicing your business.

Footprint Services will be glad to offer you a tailored, no-obligation quote to meet your commercial needs.

Hunter Valley Commercial Cleaning Companies

Who Suits Your Business Best?

If you’re looking to contract with Hunter Valley Commercial Cleaning Companies, you’ll find you have quite a few options in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region. Some of them are going to suit your business needs better than others, and some of them will offer different ways of meeting your priorities.

You may be looking for lowest-cost cleaning and happy to sacrifice a little of the quality or professionalism of the cleaning staff you deal with. If your budget is your number one priority, it’s also likely that you won’t have as much control over when cleaning staff can come in and perform their duties, or how often.

Different price levels of cleaning services might offer to carry out a wide range of cleaning tasks but draw the line at others, and you’ll find that some commercial cleaning operations are qualified to deal with hygiene product waste disposal whereas other operations will have to leave this aspect of facilities management to someone else.


Before you make the first phone call or send an email looking for a quote, it will help to know exactly what it is you’re looking for from a Commercial Cleaning Company. This way, you can be assured when comparing quotes that you are comparing like for like. Make a list of necessities and preferences – things which you’d ideally like your cleaning contractor to offer but which aren’t absolute requirements.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • How many days a week do you think you need cleaning done, and for how many hours each shift?
  • Would you rather that cleaning happened at very specific times? And does this depend on the type of cleaning / office area?
    • For example, you might need someone to come in and vacuum the floor of your business every night after closing or every morning before opening, and you might want someone to come in and clean the staff kitchens during the two hours after staff take their lunch. You might want to arrange a certain minimum amount of cleaning to be done daily, and arrange for extra areas to be attended or special tasks to be done weekly or monthly.
  • What are the areas that need to be cleaned in order to comply with health and safety standards, and how often?
  • What are the key areas that are important for keeping up appearances for customers and clients? What daily or weekly tasks need to be done to achieve this?
  • What are some items of cleaning that might really help with staff morale if they were regularly done by a contractor?
  • Is it important to your brand image or organisational values to use a greener service with eco-conscious cleaning products?
  • Are you responsible for the outside of your premises, e.g. cleaning gutters before fire season?
  • Do you want a cleaning company who can also provide some general maintenance services?
  • Are you looking for a Commercial Cleaning Company that has onsite team leaders that you can discuss important changes or extra services with?
  • Are you looking for ground floor window cleaning
  • Are you looking for a Commercial Cleaning Company that has a track record of great service and consistent results


We hope this list of prompts has got you started thinking about what services your ideal cleaning contractor will offer. Footprint Services will be glad to offer you a tailored, no-obligation quote to meet your commercial needs.

Commercial Cleaning for an Office Clean-out

A Commercial Cleaning Company that guarantees a clean and a fresh smelling office without the stress!


Moving offices can often be stressful and disruptive to your business especially with the added stress of cleaning the old office and sometimes the new office will need to be cleaned before you move in.

Either way you will need to find or speak to your current Commercial Cleaning Service for an Office Clean-out to get everything clean and smelling fresh when you move out of your old offices.


There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself needing to vacate an area, a floor or a whole suite of offices:

  • You’re moving to a different building.
  • You’re downsizing, getting ready to share office space with a subletting tenant.
  • You’re about to renovate, so you’re shifting your staff out of their usual spaces. Large companies typically do this floor by floor, moving teams around the office rather than vacating a whole facility.

Office Clean-out Considerations:

  • Don’t underestimate the amount of cleaning that will be required. It’s easy for dust, grime and office bric-a-brac to pile up unseen beneath the rows of hardware and furniture, some of which may have been there for years.
  • When moving into a new space you will need to arrange cleaning of the new office and furniture so it is clean for your colleagues and staff on return to work.
  • Inspect the new and old premises, raise concerns with the Commercial Cleaning Company
  • Discuss the new cleaning duties with your Commercial Cleaning Companies team leader.

We hope that you’ll consider Footprint services as a reliable and flexible commercial cleaning solution. We’ll be glad to work with your facilities management team to ensure that your business leaves a excellent impression with your landlord, co-tenants, and your valued staff and clients are happy with your new locations cleanliness as well!

The New Restroom Look

The new restroom look, is always a hit when floors and fixtures are new and clean, but it doesn’t take long before they are put to use and become dirty and look dated, but it doesn’t have to be. The fact is though, while we all like to replace restrooms and fixtures at the first sign of stubborn stains, odours and build up, the most cost effective way to keep them clean and looking new for as long as possible is to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance.

The belief that new is easier to clean is not necessarily true. Clean is easier to keep clean! With regular cleaning and maintenance even an “outdated” restroom can look clean and comfortable for your clients and employees.

Employing a Commercial Cleaning Company is the best way to move forward here, daily cleaning can keep your restrooms clean and odour free. Restroom cleaning can be an asset with a much greater return than most businesses think.  They look better, feel more comfortable and last longer, saving money in the long run.

Tile grout in restrooms and in high traffic area’s is often neglected, looks dirty and harbours bacteria, which causes offensive odours.  Most tiles grout is porous and over time moisture can seep through and cause water damage if the grout isn’t sealed properly.

Evan the toughest flooring materials still require regular cleaning and treatment. While it’s true that tiling doesn’t retain dirt and debris as much as carpet, it definitely still gets dirty and can even be scratched or lose the finish if not properly cleaned. Not to mention the tendency to buckle and crack under too much pressure, especially if water has seeped through and is sitting underneath the surface.

Most business owners are complacent with flooring maintenance. They might take time to regularly sweep and mop these floors, but if you want to maximize the long-term durability and appearance, regular maintenance, proper scrubbing and buffing is important for you tile longevity!

Nothing says professional like sparkling tiles and clean grout.

As residue builds up, it’s often hard to tell how sticky and dirty your tile is. Professional tools and cleaning solutions which were designed specifically for the task at hand, are capable of breaking through tough stains and build-up.

They also ensure that no cleaning solution is left behind to create another layer of sticky mess that attracts dirt  dust that can cause your tiles to be slippery and possibly cause slips and falls.

After taking a look at your floors, cleaning experts will be able to advise you on the best way to maintain and care for your tile and grout between cleanings. With daily access and experience with thousands of products, there is no one better suited to advise you!

The long term benefit will always out-weigh the cost of a service. It’s great to take on your own cleaning projects and it can be a cost saver but deep tile and grout cleaning is best left to the experts!

Winter Is Coming – Cold and Flu in the Workplace

Cold and Flu in the Workplace

Every year during the colder months’ employees begin to catch colds and flu viruses. The flu is highly contagious and can cause aches and pains and a difficulty concentrate which can lead to mistakes being made!

The flu tends to last about three to four days but you can feel weak for more than 7 to 10 days. Every year about 109 million workdays are lost due to the flu, according to the recent studies

There are ways to decrease these numbers, and keep the flu out of your office…

  1. Keeping Sick Employees out of the Office 
    • Have a good sick day policy in place which employees feel comfortable using. Employees need to understand that you prefer they stayed at home if they have the flu and not spread it around the office.
    • Normally in Australia policies will have a one or two day “grace” period – meaning that a doctors certificate isn’t required if the employee only had one or two days off.
  • If you have Casual employees that are not normally subject to “sick days” you might want to look into offering them a sick day policy as well , so they too will feel comfortable staying at home if they are sick, but if you find a common pattern emerging it might not be the flu!
  • Unhappy employees can often call in sick because they don’t want to come into work, you need to find out why in a diplomatic and caring way, they could have issues at home, bullied in the workplace or feel unappreciated, whatever the reason it is important you find out why – Low Morale is more contagious than the Flu!
  1. Sanitize – 
    • Previous FootPrint Services Blogs have mentioned the importance of personal Hygiene and office cleanliness, now that we are coming into the colder seasons it is important your employees understand how the spread of germs can occur and that your Commercial Cleaning Company is sanitizing telephones, keyboard and mouse, door handles and other commonly contacted areas.
    • It wouldn’t hurt if you encouraged your employees to sanitize these areas as well using alcohol based sanitizers, you could ask your Commercial Cleaning companies for some tips on what to use and how to do it
    •  Constant reminders in the form of signs is often the best method, such as “Have You Washed Your Hands” as employees exit the bathroom or “Please No Eating At Your Desk” stuck on the fridge, whatever the sign may say employees must understand the importance of not spreading germs around the office.
  1. Communal Dishes 
    • When dishes, glasses and coffee mugs are cleaned in a dishwasher they are sterilized. Dishes cleaned by hand will still harbour gems if a dirty dish cloth was used or just rinsed because someone was in a hurry!. A Dish washer is a good investment that could help keep the flu out of your office. Make sure you purchase a dishwasher with a sanitize option.

Alternatively if you have a basic tea and coffee station or kitchenette encourage employees to bring their own mugs or purchase mugs that have your employees name on them or something that describes them positively and tastefully.

Commercial Cleaning Companies

Commercial Cleaning Companies – Lack of Choice and Lack of Competition

It is critical that your Professional Offices maintain a high level of safe, healthy and clean working spaces for your employees and your Clients with modern day workplace health and safety laws.

It is also essential that your Business or Professional Offices be impeccably clean and tidy when your customers and clients visit. You only get one first impression!

Cleaning companies are establishing and expanding around cities due to a rising demand for professional regular cleaning services.

But not all Cleaning Companies are the same!

Nor do they perform the same level of office cleaning, use the same cleaning products or conduct their own “Gold Standard” Training for their own team.

Over the last 10 years FootPrint Services has discovered the 7 Mistakes that Accountants, Solicitors and Professional Offices Make when Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company:

  1. They hire low cost services which cost more in the long run!
  2. They don’t hire professional commercial cleaning companies that conduct their own “gold standard” training.
  3. They fail to check for appropriate insurance and protect their business from liability!
  4. They forget to set clear expectations with their commercial cleaning company…
  5. They fail to understand that not all commercial cleaning companies are the same size, have the same experience or offer the same support…
  6. They do not hire a cleaning company that is focussed on efficiency, cleanliness and impressing the customer!
  7. They fail to do background checks and ask for references from current clientele.

Avoid using a company that outsources their work to sub-contractors – A  certain recipe for disaster… especially once you start handing over keys for afterhours cleaning. You will never know who has access to your business when you and your employees go home for the day!

Ensure that the Commercial Cleaning Company sends you certification of background checks obtained from the Australian Federal Police for the staff working at your property.

It is of the utmost importance that this is on the top of your priority list. You need to be able to trust the Commercial Cleaning Company and their employee’s to work unsupervised after hours.

FootPrint Services have put together a full report that has over ten years of experience and expertise in the Commercial Cleaning Industry and we would like to share what we have discovered with you with a complimentary report that you can down load via our website. 

Your employees’ morale may need a boost!

Do your employees’ morale need a boost?

Low morale will lead to poor co-operation, low productivity, and will ultimately hinder a business from reaching its targets.

Since employee morale can build or break a company’s success, effective leaders need to keep vigil and make appropriate decisions to improve morale.


Here are 7 handy tips for boosting morale:

1. Employee’s need to feel appreciated

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work, people need to know that what they do in the day to day grind is worth doing and contributes to the company, they need to know they are part of the team!

2.Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.

Everybody needs to know that they are doing a good job! Celebrating an employee’s accomplishments such as landing a big client, achieving targets, completing big projects on time and other business goals needs to be acknowledged and the reward doesn’t  have to be an elaborate celebration often a kind email from the CEO can make someone feel special

3. Know your employees!

Take the time to get to know your employees, just the simple stuff know their birthdays, their children’s birthdays, their children’s name, their dogs name, know something about them to show that you care, a simple happy birthday email or card from everyone in the office can often make some feel special and part of the team

4. Team Building exercises.

Departing from the customary routine of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way toward building morale. Company days out can be an excellent way to build morale, by choosing events, venues or activities that everyone will enjoy. Some companies will often not pay their employees on days out as no work it being done, so think of this way – by spending money you will make money! Your teams morale will be high which in turn will boost productivity, co-operation, creative thinking and achieve company goals. Company days out don’t necessarily need to be an entire day out, a meal on a Friday night (Bosses Shout) can also be very effective.

5. Don’t forget to have fun.

Work can be boring and monotonous. Mixing it up, changing how things are done can often make things interesting at work, creating a competition within the office, theme days such as casual Friday and other activities can be voted on. Make it fun, appropriate, enjoyable to everyone and safe!

6. Yoga, meditation

In some European and Asian countries group yoga and meditation has been found to be beneficial to morale, productivity, team building and reduce stress. Yoga and meditation isn’t everyone’s thing so a discussion or vote on is advisable

7. Gauging moral

Low morale can be like a silent assassin within the work place, employee’s will sometime just go with the flow, not really being happy with the activities or decisions being made, a good way to overcome this is with secret a ballot box located somewhere out of view in the office that is review at the end of the day or week, comments can often indicate how employees are feeling!

Footprints Services hopes you enjoy reading our blogs, if you would like more information on our Commercial Cleaning Services please contact us at 1300 988 609 or visit our website at for a no obligation quote backed by our 5 Powerful Guarantees.

WHS – Failure can incur some pretty hefty fines!

Workplace Health and safety legislation is constantly changing and it is advised that you  keep up to date by regularly visiting the WHS website.

Failure to comply can incur some pretty hefty fines!

Workplace Health and Safety training requirements to be aware of for PCBU’S (person conducting a business or undertaking) and Body Corporate :

  • A Health and Safety Representative must be nominated Representatives Regulation 18 – Minimum procedural requirements for the election of a health and safety representative for a work group as required by section 61(2) of the Act.

Failure can incur a fine up to $3600 for a PCBU and $18000 for a Body Corporate

  • Training For Health And Safety Representatives
  • Training must be relevant and provided
  • The trainer must be qualified, have knowledge and experience of Health and safety procedures
  • Sub-regulation 39(2) – A PCBU is to ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and adequate having regard to:
    • The nature of the work carried out by the worker
    • The nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, training or instruction is provided
    • Control measures implemented.
  • Training Material must be readily available, understandable and provided to all employee’s

The maximum penalty for a contravention of this sub-regulation is $6 000 for an individual and $30 000 for a body corporate.

Alternative penalty options

In addition to imposing a penalty courts may impose alternative remedies including:

  • adverse publicity orders
  • restoration orders
  • work health and safety project orders
  • court-ordered work health and safety undertakings
  • injunctions, and
  • training orders.


Legislation and Fines and  subject to change and we recommend stay up to date with the legislation.

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