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Your employees’ morale may need a boost!

Do your employees’ morale need a boost?

Low morale will lead to poor co-operation, low productivity, and will ultimately hinder a business from reaching its targets.

Since employee morale can build or break a company’s success, effective leaders need to keep vigil and make appropriate decisions to improve morale.


Here are 7 handy tips for boosting morale:

1. Employee’s need to feel appreciated

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work, people need to know that what they do in the day to day grind is worth doing and contributes to the company, they need to know they are part of the team!

2.Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.

Everybody needs to know that they are doing a good job! Celebrating an employee’s accomplishments such as landing a big client, achieving targets, completing big projects on time and other business goals needs to be acknowledged and the reward doesn’t  have to be an elaborate celebration often a kind email from the CEO can make someone feel special

3. Know your employees!

Take the time to get to know your employees, just the simple stuff know their birthdays, their children’s birthdays, their children’s name, their dogs name, know something about them to show that you care, a simple happy birthday email or card from everyone in the office can often make some feel special and part of the team

4. Team Building exercises.

Departing from the customary routine of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way toward building morale. Company days out can be an excellent way to build morale, by choosing events, venues or activities that everyone will enjoy. Some companies will often not pay their employees on days out as no work it being done, so think of this way – by spending money you will make money! Your teams morale will be high which in turn will boost productivity, co-operation, creative thinking and achieve company goals. Company days out don’t necessarily need to be an entire day out, a meal on a Friday night (Bosses Shout) can also be very effective.

5. Don’t forget to have fun.

Work can be boring and monotonous. Mixing it up, changing how things are done can often make things interesting at work, creating a competition within the office, theme days such as casual Friday and other activities can be voted on. Make it fun, appropriate, enjoyable to everyone and safe!

6. Yoga, meditation

In some European and Asian countries group yoga and meditation has been found to be beneficial to morale, productivity, team building and reduce stress. Yoga and meditation isn’t everyone’s thing so a discussion or vote on is advisable

7. Gauging moral

Low morale can be like a silent assassin within the work place, employee’s will sometime just go with the flow, not really being happy with the activities or decisions being made, a good way to overcome this is with secret a ballot box located somewhere out of view in the office that is review at the end of the day or week, comments can often indicate how employees are feeling!

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Housework and the 1950’s

How much has our view on housework changed since the 1950’s?

A recent study of the average Australian household by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has examined Australian households and how women spend their time at home, the study found that women spend nearly twice as much time doing housework than men.

Women with children aged 5 and under spend up to 32 hours a week on housework and women with children over  5 years old , still doing up to 29 hours a week and if you include a full time job women often work up to 88 hours a week!

Women are achieving goals and targets in the workplace and often surpass their male counter parts but in seems women are losing the battle on the home front with 62% of employed women, with children saying they always feel overworked, tired and rushed.

So the answer to the question:  “How much has our view on housework changed since the 1950’s?” Not much! It’s seems that society is still stuck in the 1950’s in regards to the household cleaning, so come on guys take up the broom and dish cloth and help the team!


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