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Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Make the most out of the transfer when Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company!

Time For A ChangeDo you you feel as though your Commercial Cleaning Company isn’t right for you? Consider Changing Your Commercial Cleaning Company!

The standards upheld by any Commercial Cleaning staff member are ultimately decided by the Commercial Cleaning Company – as long as an individual cleaner meets the expectations set by the head of their Commercial Cleaning Company, you don’t have a lot of control over raising the standards.


Whenever you consider changing your Commercial Cleaning Company, focus on evaluating their ability to manage the motivation, training and intentions of the Commercial Cleaners they’ll be providing to you.

  • Do you think they demonstrate effective management procedures?
  • Do they have a track record of evaluating performance and taking steps to raise performance benchmarks?

Signs that your new Commercial Cleaning Company is committed to excellence might include:

  • A review of the Commercial Cleaning Company tasks you require and whether you have had specific areas of difficulty / grievance with cleaners through your last Commercial Cleaning Company.
  • An introductory consultation to introduce new Commercial Cleaning staff to their newest employer/service buyer
  • A documented selection and recruitment policy – so you know any new staff hired after your contract is signed will continue the same level of quality work and commitment.
  • Ensure that the hiring process involves a thorough application, police check and references even when the positions are not advertised publicly.
  • A clear job profile has been drawn up for the task(s) of cleaning your premises – detailing what tasks are expected from the new Commercial Cleaning Company, and that they will be expected to re-clean any areas that have been deemed as not up to standard by you – the service buyer – as well as by their supervisor or employer.
  • A process for ensuring new and existing employees are aware of Workplace Health and Safety standards, both in general and as applied to your workplace specifically
  • During a consultation or quote, as well as outlining whatever you’d like to see improve after you transfer Commercial Cleaning Companies, ask the prospective Commercial Cleaning Company if they have any recommendations for how you could improve efficiency of the operation.

In summary, when you consider changing your cleaning provider, this is the best chance you have to make sure that the new Commercial Cleaning Company chosen by you will invest their time, energy and management skills in the Commercial Cleaners that will be servicing your business.

Footprint Services will be glad to offer you a tailored, no-obligation quote to meet your commercial needs.

Footprint Services

Footprint Services

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