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Making That First Impression Count!

Stop WatchClients will often judge the way you do business by the cleanliness of your work spaces, so it is imperative that your office is clean and tidy outside and inside.

Your employees are also affected by the cleanliness of their working environment the saying “Tidy desk, Tidy mind” hold true here and will create a more productive and organised team environment


Making a Good First Impression

It takes about 12 seconds for people to form lasting opinions. If your place of business is poorly maintained you are running the risk of turning away prospective clients, potential new employees and commercial opportunities.

Clients will often be asked to what in the reception area, so it ideal to make them as comfortable as possible, offensive smells, mould, cobwebs carpet stains, dirty furniture just to name a few can be often overlooked by employees because “they are use to it”

It is important to hire a Commercial Cleaning Service that takes pride in their work, have attention to detail, guarantee the their work and onsite team leaders so that minor details are not overlooked.

Establish an Enticing Entrance way

The exterior of your establishment is equally important, sidewalks widows, entrance doors and signage can be often overlooked, these are the very first impression that a potential client will notice.

A dirty and unsightly entrance can often turn people away before they have even entered your office no matter how clean, tidy and professional your business is not getting potential clients through the door can make a huge impact on revenue.


Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service that provides a maintenance service is definitely important as broken locks, doors, tiles and equipment can not only put you at risk of liability claims, it can compromise the security of your premises, the effectiveness of your staff and can impact the way you as a business is viewed by your clients.

Wash areas and Toilets

Wash areas and toilets are surprisingly overlooked, a wash area and toilet that is well-stocked, clean and free of odours will be appreciated by your employees and clients, hygiene is extremely important and says a lot about your business and employees. Let’s face it most people don’t like public toilets because they are often dirty, they smell and under stocked!

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Footprint Services

Footprint Services

Footprint Services are Newcastle’s Commercial Cleaning specialists servicing the Hunter Region including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland!

As a family owned and operated Commercial Cleaning Company based in Newcastle we have been cleaning the Newcastle area for 6 years, specializing in Corporate Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning as well as Responsive Maintenance throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland!
Footprint Services

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