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Start the Year Fresh with a Clean House

Mop&BucketDon’t where to start?

Here are some tips that will help you with that New Year clean:

Do the hardest jobs first

For most people cleaning isn’t on the list of favourite things to do. One way to deal with it is to tackle the big jobs first and ticking them off as you go, Commonly theses jobs would include; cleaning the oven, the fridge, the windows and toilets.

You will have that clean fresh feel about the place even though the floors aren’t vacuumed, the dusting hasn’t been done ect these jobs can be done over the course of a week and don’t take that long to do.


Use eco-friendly products

No we aren’t saying go out and buy brand X,Y and Z because it is “eco-friendly” but harsh chemical can be harmful to you and the environment, for household jobs use cleaning solutions made from Vinegar, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil, bi-carbonate soda, coffee and coca cola!

  • Yes! Coca Cola, Coke can be used to clean toilets and clear blocked drains – consider that next time your drinking a can of coke!
  • Vinegar is ideal for cleaning windows and shower glass
  • Lemon juice is good for cleaning out fridges and cupboards leaving a pleasant smell
  • Eucalyptus oil is excellent for removing stains in materials – Table cloth, Cloths, Curtain ect
  • Bi-carbonate soda make cleaning sinks easy and can be use for both ceramic and stainless steel without leaving a residue
  • Coffee is a natural deodorizer simply leave a small open container in the fridge and cupboards – if you aren’t a coffee fan bi-Carbonate soda will have the same effect without a smell


Finally! Make a list and check it twice

Planning exactly what you want to do, set yourself goals and check off things you’ve already done.

Lists are also great if you’re dividing the clean between several people. Assign different jobs to each person and get them to mark off what’s complete.

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