WHS – Failure can incur some pretty hefty fines!

Workplace Health and safety legislation is constantly changing and it is advised that you  keep up to date by regularly visiting the WHS website.

Failure to comply can incur some pretty hefty fines!

Workplace Health and Safety training requirements to be aware of for PCBU’S (person conducting a business or undertaking) and Body Corporate :

  • A Health and Safety Representative must be nominated Representatives Regulation 18 – Minimum procedural requirements for the election of a health and safety representative for a work group as required by section 61(2) of the Act.

Failure can incur a fine up to $3600 for a PCBU and $18000 for a Body Corporate

  • Training For Health And Safety Representatives
  • Training must be relevant and provided
  • The trainer must be qualified, have knowledge and experience of Health and safety procedures
  • Sub-regulation 39(2) – A PCBU is to ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and adequate having regard to:
    • The nature of the work carried out by the worker
    • The nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, training or instruction is provided
    • Control measures implemented.
  • Training Material must be readily available, understandable and provided to all employee’s

The maximum penalty for a contravention of this sub-regulation is $6 000 for an individual and $30 000 for a body corporate.

Alternative penalty options

In addition to imposing a penalty courts may impose alternative remedies including:

  • adverse publicity orders
  • restoration orders
  • work health and safety project orders
  • court-ordered work health and safety undertakings
  • injunctions, and
  • training orders.


Legislation and Fines and  subject to change and we recommend stay up to date with the legislation.