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The 10 Simple Workplace Productivity Tips That’ll Keep Your Office Employees Happy

work-work-work-1240503 Workplace productivity is key to maintaining a successful business, no matter how big or established that business is. Productivity is all about producing something of quality in a given amount of time. Productivity is also linked to efficiency, which is all about accomplishing things in the best way possible.

The productivity of a company or business relies on the productivity of the employees who work for the business. However, regardless of how hard an employee or employees may work, they won’t perform as well as they could if they are discontent. Happiness at work can increase productivity tenfold just due to a change in perspective. Humans are emotional creatures, and fair treatment while encouraging happiness is the best way to achieve the best productivity results possible.

10 Simple Workplace Productivity Tips That Support Happiness

1. Enable Flexible Working Hours

Sometimes, rigid 9 to 5 hours is not the only way to go. To minimize burnout and maximize productivity, incorporate flexible hours.

2. Create An Enjoyable Work Atmosphere

There are lots of ways, both on big and small scales, that you can create a more enjoyable work atmosphere for employees. It can start with small, simple changes like encouraging them to bring in personal items to incorporate into their workspace, to adding pops of color and opting for workstations rather than individual cubicles. These are all simple changes that make a world of difference for increasing both productivity and creativity.

3. Make Breaks More Enjoyable and Accessible

Try encouraging that employee to take breaks can help de-stress individuals, allowing them to work at their full capacity for longer.

4. Cut Back On Meetings

This one is simple. Instead of holding frequent meetings, try holding one or two meetings a week. This gives employees time to prepare better and be more productive.

5. Cut Down on Sounds Levels

Clattering keyboards and idle chatter can be very distracting for some individuals. In fact, noisy locations can even put people on edge by engaging the fight or flight response in their brains, which can lead to burnout due to the nature of the adrenal hormone. Help fight the noise by providing soundproofing headphones as a simple alternative.

6. Be Selective About After Work Emailing

Encouraging a balance of personal life and work life is key to productivity and happiness in the workplace. Think twice before sending too many emails when an employee is out of the office unless it’s urgent.

7. Encourage Communication

Communication is one of the greatest problem solvers there is. Encourage open communications between everyone on your team by providing places to meet and discuss things besides the break room or meeting rooms.

8. Get to Know All of Your Employees

Personal meetings and group dinners can go a long way with getting to know your employees. It can also help you both establish trust and a better relationship, allowing you to work together in a better way.

9. Turn Up the Heat

This one is easy. Don’t keep the office too cold because it can decrease productivity due to discomfort. Keep the temperature optimal depending on the weather outside. Optimal temperature usually lies between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Ask Employees For Input

Don’t be afraid to ask your employees what they think would help them to be more productive. They probably have some great ideas that you may have never thought of.

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