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The 15 Steps for Cleaning Up Your Office in 15 Minutes

Office “I don’t have time” is the number one reason people use to explain why they don’t keep their offices tidy. We get it, the pressure is on when it comes to meeting deadlines, finishing projects, and fitting everything into an eight hour day. But keeping your workspace clean might actually save you time, and make your job a lot less stressful when it’s easy to find everything you need and when you don’t have to worry about spilling your strategically placed, half-empty coffee cups all over every time you turn around.

Here are 15 steps for cleaning up your office in 15 minutes that you can do every day. Spend a minute on each activity daily for a cleaner workspace.

Get Rid of the Garbage

The soda cans, old paper coffee cups, last year’s calendar, and the thin mint wrappers have all got to go. Take a minute to grab all the garbage you spot around your office and throw them away.

Organize Loose Papers

Loose papers are messy and easy to lose. Either file them away or recycle them if they are no longer needed.

Put All of the Items You Need To Take Home in One Place

We all tend to hang onto things at work that takes up space and belong at home. Gather up all of those items you’ve been forgetting to take home with you and put them in a bag, ready to go by the door.

Deal with the Clutter

If your desk is so covered in office toys, memorabilia, and other items that you don’t need to do your job and make it hard to move, it’s time to consider relocating some of them.

Pair Down Your Office Supplies

You may have bought 10,000 paper clips in bulk because it was cheaper than grabbing the 100 pack, but will you be using all 10,000 anytime soon? If no, take some and give the rest to one of your coworkers. Same goes for most other office supplies. Except for pens, they’re like socks, they tend to disappear.

Dust Away

This one is simple, dust off all your surfaces, especially keyboards.

Disinfect Screens and Keyboard

Speaking of keyboards, you’ll want to disinfect it too, because keyboards are breeding grounds for germs.

Organize Your Computer Desktop

No one likes a messy desktop. Create files for easy computer access and clean out your inbox every day.

Store Food Away

The snacks you’re hiding under your desk need a better place to live. Try narrowing down a number of snacks you have at work to save on space and keep healthy.

Limit The Number of Things on Your Desk

If you think you have too many things on your desk, you probably do. Try to keep only what you need out on your desk.

Labels Are Your Friends

Labels are great for making sure everything has a place. If you want discreet labels, create a colored-coded legend and use stickers to the label. Label one thing each day until you’re done.

Clean Out Your Cabinets

If you’re using your cabinets and drawers as secret hideaways for junk and clutter, consider cleaning one out each day.

Make Your Space Smell Clean

There are lots of options for indoor scents, but try to pick a gentle one and make sure no one is allergic or irritated by scents in your area.

Disinfect Any Remaining Surfaces

Whatever is left, give it a quick wipe with a disinfectant.

Do a Final Sweep

Make sure you haven’t forgotten to toss any garbage or file away any papers you left out.

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