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The 7 Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tricks For Your Office

office-1461951 Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. It’s always a good idea to do a deep clean of your office at least once a month. By doing a deep clean of your office once a month, it can help you to keep on top of daily cleaning activities, allowing you to do a little bit of tidying every day, instead of constantly scrambling to dig yourself out from underneath a mountain of clutter. There are many great strategies for office spring cleaning, but below are our top 7 tips and tricks for a thorough office cleaning.

1. Identify Your Office Problem Areas

Before you begin, go ahead and identify which places in your office are the most cluttered or messy. Take note of those areas in order to come up with a system or a solution in order to better maintain those areas in the future.

2. Give Your Office Space “Zones”

You should make a clear distinction between the different parts of your office and which activity should happen where. For example, the desk should be for general work, the closet for storage, shelving for materials etc.

3. Learn to Love Labels

Label things. It will save you time and energy in the long run, especially when you need something specific in a timely manner. To label, you can use a labeler, color coded stickers, or almost anything else to categorize papers, supplies, and more.

4. Bring on the Disinfectant

When you’re doing a true deep clean, the ‘clean’ part is important. Use disinfectant wipes or spray on everything, especially computer keyboards, screens, door and drawer handles, and any other surface you can clean off. For high shelves, take care to use a step stool or ladder instead of a chair for safety.

5. Invest in Storage Boxes

Small storage boxes can make a great alternative to filing cabinets. They an inexpensive, light, and easily stackable. Just make sure not to stack them too high or too heavy so that they become a hazard.

6. Give Documents Expiry Dates

Certain legal documents are required to be kept on file for a specified number of years. After that, you are free to do with them whatever suits your fancy. We advise shredding them. Check how long you need to hang on to important documents before you can part ways with them, and label them with corresponding expiry dates.

7. Go Minimal

Get a piece of paper and jot down things that you can’t live without having in your office. If you’re sitting there stumped after ten or twelve things, those are probably the most important things you need to do your job. Everything else is secondary. If it doesn’t make the list, reconsider whether or not you need it in your office. Of course, you don’t need to strip your office down to the absolute bare minimums, but reducing what you keep on hand can make working a lot tidier and easier.

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