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Winter Is Coming – Cold and Flu in the Workplace

Cold and Flu in the Workplace

Cold and FluEvery year during the colder months’ employees begin to catch colds and flu viruses. The flu is highly contagious and can cause aches and pains and a difficulty concentrate which can lead to mistakes being made!

The flu tends to last about three to four days but you can feel weak for more than 7 to 10 days. Every year about 109 million workdays are lost due to the flu, according to the recent studies

There are ways to decrease these numbers, and keep the flu out of your office…

  1. Keeping Sick Employees out of the Office 
    • Have a good sick day policy in place which employees feel comfortable using. Employees need to understand that you prefer they stayed at home if they have the flu and not spread it around the office.
    • Normally in Australia policies will have a one or two day “grace” period – meaning that a doctors certificate isn’t required if the employee only had one or two days off.
  • If you have Casual employees that are not normally subject to “sick days” you might want to look into offering them a sick day policy as well , so they too will feel comfortable staying at home if they are sick, but if you find a common pattern emerging it might not be the flu!
  • Unhappy employees can often call in sick because they don’t want to come into work, you need to find out why in a diplomatic and caring way, they could have issues at home, bullied in the workplace or feel unappreciated, whatever the reason it is important you find out why – Low Morale is more contagious than the Flu!
  1. Sanitize – 
    • Previous FootPrint Services Blogs have mentioned the importance of personal Hygiene and office cleanliness, now that we are coming into the colder seasons it is important your employees understand how the spread of germs can occur and that your Commercial Cleaning Company is sanitizing telephones, keyboard and mouse, door handles and other commonly contacted areas.
    • It wouldn’t hurt if you encouraged your employees to sanitize these areas as well using alcohol based sanitizers, you could ask your Commercial Cleaning companies for some tips on what to use and how to do it
    •  Constant reminders in the form of signs is often the best method, such as “Have You Washed Your Hands” as employees exit the bathroom or “Please No Eating At Your Desk” stuck on the fridge, whatever the sign may say employees must understand the importance of not spreading germs around the office.
  1. Communal Dishes 
    • When dishes, glasses and coffee mugs are cleaned in a dishwasher they are sterilized. Dishes cleaned by hand will still harbour gems if a dirty dish cloth was used or just rinsed because someone was in a hurry!. A Dish washer is a good investment that could help keep the flu out of your office. Make sure you purchase a dishwasher with a sanitize option.

Alternatively if you have a basic tea and coffee station or kitchenette encourage employees to bring their own mugs or purchase mugs that have your employees name on them or something that describes them positively and tastefully.

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