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Zero Waste Lifestyle Around The Office – is it possible?

office-1461951 Garbage is everywhere. When going to the store, it is easy to see the amount of unnecessary packaging on products, and the unnecessary ingredients in them as well. Is it possible to make the office a place of no waste?

Buy in Bulk

In an office setting, there are many employees to obtain products for. The necessity for large quantities allows for businesses to purchase in bulk. Even something as simple as coffee for the break room can be purchased in bulk. The wonderful thing about bulk purchases is the fact that less packaging is necessary. Companies often do bulk orders without added, unnecessary packing in order to save money and make the bulk costs lower, and more affordable, than purchasing in smaller quantities.

Reusable Containers and Bags

When picking up supplies for the office, reuse containers for transport. Do not waste unnecessary boxes or bags, as they will merely create waste for the office space. Having a supply of reusable containers and bags is key to a zero waste environment.

Biodegradable Products

When it comes to office paper, there are compostable options available. If there is no necessity to toss paper every time there is a printing error, there is less waste.

Homemade Supplies

For bathroom soaps and detergents necessary for cleaning purposes and hygiene, it is simple to learn how to make these products. This cannot only be zero waste, but it can also save a great deal of money for the business. This also may encourage employees to try similar ideas in their own home as they become acquainted to handmade products in the office.

Encourage Employee Cooperation

Encourage employees to bring containers from home for lunch. Rather than having prepackaged food boxes filling the trash, employees can bring home cooked meals in reusable containers that can go back home with them after use.

Provide employees with reusable water bottles! If employees do not need to bring in plastic bottles and constantly throw them away, they will be able to refill throughout the day, and also represent your company. This not only is good for the environment, but also is also visually pleasing to customers, and looks far more professional than plastic.


Encourage refilling pens and pencils. Rather than tossing a pen every time the ink runs dry, allow employees the option to refill – or collect the pens to be refilled for them, and replace them with ones that have already been refilled. The same goes for ink cartridges! Doing this also generally involves discounted ink as well – again, saving the business money.


Creating a zero waste office experience is entirely possible and the best direction to head in for the modern world. Choices like this let the earth be thankful, while also allowing businesses to be thankful for the amount of money being saved!

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